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TAKING ACCUTANE: am I making a big mistake?

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TAKING ACCUTANE: am I making a big mistake?

Posted by
sue on February 04, 2000 at 13:39:54:

I have been reading a lot of the messages on this bulletin board that pertain to accutane, and it's really starting to freak me out. I have been taking accutane for 2 weeks now, so far my side effects are only dry lips and nostrils. Is it a fact that EVERYBODY will be affected horribly in the future after taking Accutane? I was curious as to how long this drug has been around, if anyone knows i would really appreciate your respnse.

Should I continue on with my treatment or is there a good chance that i will become afflicted with a horrible side affect such as depression, hair-loss, liver disease? Also how do these people know that their problems are a direct relation to accutane, maybe they were already predisposed to their illness or disease, whatever that happened to be.

One more question for Dr Stoll. My dermatoligist told me that acne was affected by three factors...hormones, stress, and herdity- not food, not lotions, not makeup, or anyhting like how is it possible that a specific food diet could help with the horrific disease of chronoic acne as suggested by the whole foods diet?


Posted by Walt Stoll on February 05, 2000 at 11:39:26:

In Reply to: TAKING ACCUTANE: am I making a big mistake? posted by sue on February 04, 2000 at 13:39:54:


I agree with everything your dermatologist says and I have been telling anyone who will listen this for many years.

The difference here is that I have been one of the country's pioneers in telling people how to DO something about these factors since ALL THREE are pretty easily dealt with.

If you will take the time to read the archives about acne, you will soon learn what I am talking about.

First, EVERYONE knows (now) that diet has something to do with health. The healthier one is the better any genetic function will work. The closer one is to the "edge of their cliff" the more likely one is to have hypersensitivities to ANY specific stress (and foods can be one of those stressors). This is WHY some people find that eliminating some foods makes a difference in THEIR cases.. See the e/diet by Robert Mcferran if you are interested in finding out if you are one of those people.

Next, the only known guaranteed way to reduce the effects of stress storage in the hypothalamus is by the regular practice of SR.

Third, since the hypothalamus is the part of the brain that controls ALL hormonal functions in the bodymind, and storage of stress-effect is always in the hypothalamus, ANYTHING that reduces the burden on the hypothalamus is the most powerful way to deal with the hormonal (AND THE STRESS EFFECTS) part of the trinity he mentioned.

SO, by doing all three legs of the "wellness stool" the person has their best chance of eliminating acne while giving many positive side effects in the general health.

If one leg = 3 points of effect, 2 legs are worth 9 points and 3 legs are worth 27 points. Each magnifies the effectiveness of the other. The efforts are NOT just additive.

There has NEVER been any question that this works----only getting people to DO it.

I have found that one can lead a horse to water--------

You have the tools, it is up to you to decide if you are going to learn enough about this to actually DO it.

SO, if you are truly worried about taking accutane-----

Once you have done your homework, if you have any questions, I will be happy to help you on this BB.

THEN, as you see your acne go away, I hope you will take the time to share your experiences with the BB. If you are interested in testimonials, use the search engine and the archives OR, put a note on the BB titled something like: "Acne--Does Wellness Work?"

Once people have their problems resolved they do not tend to hang around the BB. SO, you may only get testimonials from recent curees.


Re: TAKING ACCUTANE: am I making a big mistake? YES, and MIGRAINE relief with SR testimonial

Posted by Hulu on February 06, 2000 at 14:51:13:

In Reply to: TAKING ACCUTANE: am I making a big mistake? posted by sue on February 04, 2000 at 13:39:54:

I must admit, that I haven't shared my success regarding acne, but what Walt wrote about people being cured and not sharing their experiences,(QUILTY AS CHARGED!)compelled me to reply to your post.
I did take accutane. It did clear up my skin. I had all the drying side effects. (very unpleasant, but bearable) My acne came back gradually over a period of 6 months. (not AS bad) I do not know if I have/ or will have any other problems related to taking the accutane, but as of yet I haven't noticed any. (3 years now) Don't mistake me, I'm not an advocate of the drug by any means.
Several months ago I wrote to Walt about my situation, and he explained about SR, diet and exercise. Since then, I realized that not only was "being at the edge of my cliff" causing my acne, but many other ailments as well. I found it hard to discipline myself with the SR, even though I did realize it's benefits within the first week of trying it. I still find it hard to discipline myself to do it 2xs a day, and I can feel the difference if I DON'T do it! I believe practicing wellness is a lifestyle change, and naturally, it takes some time getting used to a new way of living.
If this is confusing, and you're like me, and stumbled onto Dr. Stoll's board while searching the internet for information on acne/accutane, let me explain how I came to use this site and how it's helped me.
I was considering a second trial of accutane, and wanted some information from people who had gone through it a second time. Since I sort of entered the web-site through the "back-door", I walked in on a discussion, so to speak, with no idea of how this site works. I immediately posted a question, and honestly, with the greatest respect to Dr. S, his answers left me baffled. I didn't understand "SR" and couldn't figure out how to navigate the site. So I didn't take his advice right away, but always his words and "new definition" of stress kept popping into my mind. After a month or so of no relief, I decided to come back here, "to my primary doctor" as I refer to this site now. I searched under "Stoll" -I remembered the name because it's my grandfather's, and that's when I came to Walt's home page! (WALT, ARE YOU NORWEGIAN? - you don't have to answer! smile) I should also say that, that was the beginning of my journey to wellness. I can't describe how GOOD I feel, how many aches and pains have dissappeared, how my new physical wellness has in turn dramatically improved my mental health and spiritual well-being, AND, I'm STILL fighting with sugar, caffeine, and the occaisional cigarette!
I've only been practicing wellness for a little over 3 months. I can't say you will feel/see results as fast as I have, but I feel confident in promising you, that your acne will improve, mine has gone away completely! I suggest you READ EVERYTHING you can, invest all the time possible to learn about what you can do to help yourself with your acne before you continue with the accutane.
There is so much information here to help you.
I visited the site today to read information regarding migraines. I was excited to share my experience of eliminating a migraine for the first time in the "aura phase" without medicine, through my SR technique. I never read the headache posts before, and had no idea about the hot water treatment! I wish I had visited them before...
I used to get a migraine about 1-2xs per month. This is the first I've had in 3 months, and I believe it was caused by several hours of indirect exposure to paints and mineral spirits. I had a mild headache during the evening, and hoped it would go away with sleep. Anyway, the kindly migraine woke me at 3:30 am in the form of FREEZING hands, I still had the mild headache, but my hands were so cold I couldn't sleep, so I decided if I used them, I could warm them up, so I started sewing. It wasn't too long before I realized I couldn't really see/focus on where I was trying to sew, and noticed the old familiar fragmented-pulsing-blurry-light THING somewhere just to the left, of my left eye's line of sight. This is the point where I usually panic and start to search for the pain relievers, because I know it's only matter of time before the BOOMING pain takes over. (my pain lasts 7-9 hours) Well it was 3:40 am, I had no pain medication in the house, and no open store. So I decided I had only one choice - to heal myself. The first thing I did was to NOT try focusing on the pulsing light-thing. I had always tried to LOOK at it, but as I frantically try to focus on it, it just as frantically moves. Somehow, for the first time, I knew to eliminate this behavior. I closed my eyes and started my SR technique where I visually try to focus on the place right behind my eye lids. Strangely, when my eyes are closed, I know the SR is working when this focal point seems to be at a distance of about 3-4 inches in front of my eyes, like my eyeballs are floating in the back of my skull. (no i'm not on any kind of psychedelic drugs)
When I got to this point, the flashy light thing began to move slowly and directly into my MIND's left eye line of sight. For the first time I could see it. As for what it looked like, and the way it moved and pulsed, all I can say is that it had it's own erratic, geometrical beauty in yellow, red and blue that I could only fully describe with a painting.
Once I could see it, which was the equivalent to me of "capturing it", I somehow KNEW again, that if I could move it to the right side of my brain, or into my MIND's right eye, I could get rid of it. I don't know how to describe how I actually did this, but I willed it to the other side of my head, and as I did, the colors became less intense, and it's form, (circular) began to open up, become larger and diffused. It went away by "coming IN closer" to my right eye (the SR eye at the back of my head), getting larger, duller and weaker until it was out of my "sight" all together.
As for where it went and what it felt like: It dissipated into the right side of my head, and my brain "ate it up". Not only did the right side of my brain "perform" the process of the elimination of the "light-THING", it also felt rather WASHED afterward, TINGLY, or clear and very light-like your sinuses feel after a good cry. It's worth mentioning that my left side, although it had no pain, did not have this same feeling. A few minutes later, I felt profoundly tired and was able to go back to bed for a few hours of deep and restful sleep. I believe that I was able to get rid of my migraine because of my experience with SR, and becaude I was forced to take real control of the inevitable pain, because there was no medication available to me. I know many people suffer from migrain headaches. I doubt anyone reading this will be able to eliminate a migraine in the same way that I have. It is my sincere wish that my testimonial will help people who are skeptical of the benefits of SR, or impatient to see the results. I continue to be amazed at the healing power of my own mind.

Thank you, most honorable, DOCTOR Walt Stoll, you've helped me immensely. You are among the few truly worthy of your title. What wonderful and admirable work you do.
Best wishes to you.
By the way, what does 'namaste' mean?

Re: TAKING ACCUTANE: am I making a big mistake? YES, and MIGRAINE relief with SR testimonial (ARCHIVE under testimonials, SR , headache, wellness and acne.)

Posted by Walt Stoll on February 07, 2000 at 10:01:04:

In Reply to: Re: TAKING ACCUTANE: am I making a big mistake? YES, and MIGRAINE relief with SR testimonial posted by Hulu on February 06, 2000 at 14:51:13:

Thanks, Hulu!

Your taking the time to share your experiences will surely help others to begin to believe that there is a better way for chronic, life changing, problems like this. "Helping others move toward wellness IS an aspect of our own."

Your success with SR, in the face of pain, is gratifying since it proves to me that your technique is "getting there". National statistics show that the more pain one has the better self-hypnosis works. This was first established on the ski slopes of Colorado. As you know, self-hypnosis is just a skill and is another form of SR (with imagery).

Do you remember reading, on this BB, that it was impossible for anyone to have a vascular headache while their hands were warm??

Anyhow, you could use the hot arms technique and likely get faster relief. At the rate you are going, you will never have another "migraine" after 6 months from now.

I am not Norwegian. I am German on my father's side and English on my mother's. Could your grandfather have emigrated to Norway from Germany (grin)?

Finally, congratulations on what you have done for yourself. All I did was open the door for you. YOU made the choice to walk through it and expend the effort. You are reaping the benefits. MY reward is in how you will feel in a year. I hope you will continue to take your increased energy to post your experiences on this BB so as to help others.



P.S. Your note will finally get me to copy and paste the Namaste` definition since so many people are asking and I could save much time that way. You might even find it in the glossary since RocketHealer Jim has done such a wonderful job there.


I honor the place in you
in which the entire universe dwells.
I honor the place in you
which is of love,
of truth,
of light
of peace.
When you are in that place in you
I am in that place in me,
We are one.


Another way to understand it is by a basic meaning:

"I salute the God-stuff in you."

Namaste` is Sanscrit.

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