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Posted by Brian on August 30, 2001 at 18:49:28:

All I know is that I read this board/archive about 3 months ago, and now I can't believe I'm posting, but I am here to say THANK YOU to everyone for being a great community of useful inormation.
I had had it with the 15 years of acne, and saw a dermatologist. 2 actually.
First one really disappointed me by giving me a prescription for 20% Benzoyal Peroxide.
I never went back. Then I read this board and went to a different doctor about a year later.
The doctor gave me prescriptions galore. I am not big into bombarding my body with drugs, but was desperate. I took Dynacin, an antibiotic, for about 3 weeks before getting allergic skin reactions to it.( itchy feet are the worst!! ) I took myself off immediately.
I also was given Tazorac cream .1%, and Cleocin T-gel 1% (a topical antibiotic ).
Well, I simultaneously got myself Patothenic Acid (Vitamin Shoppe b-5), natural vitamin A( Shoprite) and UDO's Natural Blend (ESSENTIAL FATTY OILS omega 3,6,and9-the highest dose/brand I saw also at the Vitamin Shoppe).
Bottom line is, I've regulated myself to Tazorac at night, Cleocin antibiotic if I feel I could use a good de-bacterialing, or tentative trouble spots, and that's it on the drugs!
It is my opinion I have a nutritional deficit because I eat like crap.
No greens, fruit, barely any vegetables, and mostly meat.
I for damn sure wasn't getting any essential oils in my diet, and I feel my acne was an alarm telling me, "eat better, you jerk!"
I could mix things up a bit and try less of one vitamin, or no Tazorac, but right now I know this works for me, so "don't fix what ain't broke" is what I'm going with.
I can not actually believe I can proudly say my skin has not looked like this clear since I was 11 years old (15+ years ago).
I've seen posts where people say their skin cleared and always thought, not me, or I'm jealous, or they have different "lucky"skin.
Basically this is a booster shot in the arm for anyone suffering
Ican't believe it, but it IS possible to get your acne to stop. I am next to speechless when I look and see ZERO cysts developing. Yes, I have to keep my blackheads in check, but gently, I cleanse reguarly, and so far so good..GREAT!!!
Try to analyze what your body is setting off the alarm about.
Thanks again Doc, and all who've shared themselves here.
I'm going out tonight with my hair out of my face, no hat, and confident!!

Re: Wow.. (Archive in acne testimonial.)

Posted by Walt Stoll on September 01, 2001 at 09:46:49:

In Reply to: Wow.. posted by Brian on August 30, 2001 at 18:49:28:

Thanks, Brian, for your testimonial.

Perhaps it will give others encouragement.



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