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Posted by Mary Hauser on September 01, 1998 at 17:56:31:

I came to this web sight looking for help in making the decision about giving accutane to my son. So far I haven't found much help. Exactly how do I tap into the archives? Andrew it was refreshing to see someone who could very intelligently apply skepticism to a subject. I would say however, don't throw out the baby with the bath water. A healthy diet and exercise and stress management can allow you to live to your fullest. I would like for Dr. Sthol to show me some double blind studies where acne was cured by relaxation or diet or exercise. And Andrew why don't you apply some of this healthy and intelligent skepticism to some of your silly religious beliefs?

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Re: Accutane, sweet..sweet...accutane...

Posted by Walt Stoll on September 02, 1998 at 17:50:22:

In Reply to: Re: Accutane, sweet..sweet...accutane... posted by Mary Hauser on September 01, 1998 at 17:56:31:

Dear Mary,

Even the AMA now admits that the famous "double blind standard" is totally inadequate for nearly all chronic conditions (acne falls into that area). If you are still stuck in that mode, it is time for you to catch up with the medicine of the 21st century.

For example, there has never been even one "double-blind study" for bypass surgery. It is impossible to design a double blind study as you suggest. How could one not know they were practicing skilled relaxation, exercise or following a diet. Do some thinking about it.

Those who would sooner keep their acne are welcome to do so.

Since I an such a computer cripple, I can empathize with your not being able to find the archives. However, if you just go to the home page (link on this page) you would be able to click on the link to the archives.

If you still have questions once you have done your homework, I will be happy to assist on this BB.

DOING what needs to be done is a LOT more work than reading and learning about it. If reading & learning about it is too much work, don't even bother doing it.


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