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Posted by Ann on November 08, 1998 at 00:00:03:

Have you read the book Your Body's Many Cries for Water? I originally found this book when looking for theories on water. Chronic dehydration is a factor in many chronic diseases and illnesses. I have made the effort to drink more water and have found I experience less aches and pains; and illness duration (colds) are shortened. Two or three large glasses (14oz each) after returning home from a shopping trip with aching legs/ body is improved within an hour or two without any analgesic medication. I avoid pharmaceuticals as much as possible.

Dr. F. Batmanghelidj also presents his theory on a probable cause of AIDS. You need to read his book for the information on water and especially the theory on AIDS. If he is correct, AIDS is completely preventable. You can get to his site and e-mail him yourself if you have questions unanswered by his book.

It sure makes a lot of sense to me.

Until you get the book, I will share a bit as this is under copyright. In my words....
The vaginal lining has properties that protect it from the immune suppressive properties of semen and that the rectum has no properties to protect it The rectum is not designed to withstand the friction and sheering force and is especially vulnerable to unrepairable damage when used as an orifice for sex when that is not its purpose.

Repeated exposure to the semen and damage will eventually cause an immune response that remains permanently in place.

He also presents that cysteine and zinc deficiency may be a factor in the predisposition to homosexuality. If persons with this predisposition were treated with cysteine and zinc they may improve and become heterosexual. There are no current studies. Perhaps you know of someone or are someone who would like to contact him to begin a study of this.

He is not homophobic, he is compassionate and would prefer these people be treated with common sense chemical correction (cysteine and zinc) so that they would not be on the endangered list. Survival of the fittest pass on their genes theory.

He also covers AIDS related to drug use, HIV babies and passing on the immune deficiency.

My review is very limited. You need to read the book. It is invaluable.
Thanks for asking me to share.

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Re: possible cause of AIDS

Posted by Walt Stoll on November 09, 1998 at 11:36:27:

In Reply to: possible cause of AIDS posted by Ann on November 08, 1998 at 00:00:03:

Thanks, Ann.

As a founding member of the American Holistic Medical Association (more than 20 years ago) I served on their Board of Trustees for many years. In 1985 I waas given the honor of being the national spokesman for the group on the subject of the cause (and most effective approach to prevention & treatment) of AIDS. My paper was published in one of their 1985 newsletters. Exerpts of that paper were copied into my book for the chapter about AIDS. The statements & references therein are now being proven correct.

Already, at that time, most researchers were saying that only people with a compromised immune system could "get" AIDS. The reason AIDS had captured our attention (instead of the already new disease of the month phenomenon--at that time) was that it was the only one that directly attacked the immune system----our last line of defence against ALL the fatal disease humans are heir to.

The problem was that the solution was not going to make any big bucks for the pharmaceutical companies, OR the docs. The solution then, and still now, is for people to get serious about wellness & maintain a high degree of immunity. A healthy person cannot "get" AIDS.

There is an international AIDS patients' organization (has been formed for nearly 15 years now) that has shown that the very best approach to AIDS and positive HIV status is "wellness". They have the very best statistics of ANY treatment and it is free.

Finally, last month, there were wire-service articles in all the newspapers that: " the medical profession now thinks that there will never be a 'cure' for AIDS". The entire medical/pharmaceutical complex has been struggling on the hook for all those years hoping against hope that SOMEBODY was going to make a LOT of money over this tragedy. How many billions of dollars in research and how many millions of deaths do we have to endure until they begin looking at the facts and start teaching people about wellness?

The facts will make you free. It is already known how to approach this most effectively--and has been known of more than 15 years. How much longer?

I am sure you can see that you have pushed one of my buttons once again.

Just as Pasteur (on his deathbed) said: "the territory (human immunity) is more important than the germ after all".


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