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Fouling our nest. (Archive in ecology.)

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Fouling our nest. (Archive in ecology.)

Posted by Walt Stoll on February 04, 2003 at 10:22:09:

Hi everyone,
If this speaks to you, please spread the word...

Please spread the following letter far and near. We would like
hundreds, possible thousands of signatures on this letter requesting
that Monsanto's application for approval of their GMO wheat be
denied. For questions, please contact Jim Diamond, M.D.


Monsanto has applied to the FDA for commercial approval of
genetically engineered wheat. This would have far-reaching effects
on farmers, consumers, and the environment. Organic farmers will
face genetic contamination -- industrial pollution with a life of
its own. Conventional farmers will lose the right to save seed as
Monsanto enforces its patents, and also will lose overseas markets
because genetically engineered (GMO) grains aren't accepted. Prices
will fall, as already has occurred with corn. We all lose as the
DNA of "the staff of life" is adulterated by hacked, corporate-
controlled genetic code whose chief rationale is to ensure the sale
of more RoundUp. Both human health and the health of the
environment may be adversely affected, and the right to choice will
not exist. We'll also get more RoundUp in our diet. Wheat -- the
amber waves of grain in the song -- are grasses, closely related to
many wild relatives. Gene splicing will spread from farms into
nature at large rapidly and with unpredictable longer-term results.
For instance, other genes or alternative metabolic pathways can be

Whether you agree with what I've written or only part, whether you
believe that we should hold up only a yellow flag or need a red stop
sign, please consider signing our petition. We're seeking the
broadest possible coalition of those opposed to making our daily
bread, a resource developed since the dawn of agriculture, into
Monsanto's - or anyone's -- cash cow.

Thanks! Signatures should be sent to,

Jim Diamond, M.D.
(address and sign-on info below the letter)


Dear Secretary Veneman:

Genetically engineered (also called GM) wheat raises concerns in many
sectors, both domestically and abroad. Farmers and grain industry
participants are concerned about market loss and risks to the United
States' distinguished reputation for quality wheat varieties. In
addition, farmers are concerned about agronomic impacts. Consumers
are concerned about food safety and regulatory adequacy. Many
citizens are concerned about environmental damage. Organic farmers
are concerned about negative effects on the United States'
successful organic sector. Not every organization or individual that
has signed this letter shares every one of these concerns. However,
for one or more of the preceding reasons we, the undersigned, oppose
the introduction of GM wheat into the American food supply and seed

Overwhelming numbers of American farmers and consumers, as well as
customers for American wheat overseas, have said that they do not
want GM wheat at this time. We hope the American government will act
democratically, heed the wishes of its citizens, and act in the best
economic interests of farmers.

We represent diverse constituencies and interests, but we are united
in asking that you act to prevent the introduction of genetically
engineered wheat into American food and fields.


Individuals -- please send name, city, and State --
Groups and organizations -- please send a signed letter or an e-mail
authorizing use of your organization's name --
to --

Jim Diamond, M.D.
Sierra Club Genetic Engineering Committee

No addresses will be used for fund raising or shared.
Permission is given to print or forward this message to others

Jim Diamond, M.D.
Sierra Club Genetic Engineering Committee
85 Second St.
San Francisco, Ca 94105

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