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Summary of "fungus" concepts:

Fungi can only live on dead things (That is its ecological niche in our world.)and that fact determines what they can do to people. The surface of your skin is dead as is all nail tissue and hair. The stuff that goes through your intestinal tract is mostly dead--the only exceptions are the normal (or abnormal) bacteria and parasites that may be present. The problem is that once any fungus gets established on that dead tissue that it can actually invade any adjacent tissue that is less than vigorously healthy. The metabolic toxins excreted by the living fungi can kill adjacent tissue and THEN it is dead and the fungi can live on it.

Fungi love dark, moist areas with plenty of dead tissue for it to eat. This is why feet are a favorite place for them to grow. Today's life styles have us wearing shoes, with poor ventilation, and the stored stress-effect causes feet to be more sweaty. Cold feet, which are very commonly associated with sweaty feet, are an indication that less circulation (immunity) is reaching the area. If the dead skin is not removed from between the toes each day (terrycloth buffing) it builds up and that is why most "athlete's foot" begins between the toes.

Toenails are NOT removable every day and so one can only reduce sweating and increase circulation, with stress reduction, and wear shoes as little as possible to prevent this one. However, once it is established, the vinegar treatment on the homepage will be needed to get rid of it. Once it is gone, preventive measures should be the only thing necessary.

Remember that nail polish holds moisture in the nail so polish is the friend of the fungus and your enemy. I have seen a few people that the vinegar did not clear the fungus who only had to get rid of their toenail polish to finish the job successfully (while continuing the vinegar).

General immunity will help avoid this anywhere but that requires practicing wellness archive.

Once a fungus is established anywhere, wellness is not enough to get rid of it because the tissue involved is already dead and the immunity cannot reach it well enough.

Once you have the above information in hand, if you still have questions, write them on the bulletin board.

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Walt Stoll, MD

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