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unsure: EXCELLENT SUMMARY about how to get started

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Posted by
Shana L on May 02, 2002 at 13:44:06:

I am unsure where to post this message as I have been diagnosed with too many chronic problems to choose one to post under. The list (in alphabetical order):

-Acne and skin polyps
-Allergies to mold, penicillin, sulfa, aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.
-Headaches (cluster, migraine, sinus, and stress)
-Irritable bowel syndrome (can no longer eat grapes, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, grapefruit, or green apples)
-Mitral valve prolapse (better, but the conventional doctors and dentists still insist on bombarding me with antibiotics for certain procedures)
-Overweight(approx. 25 pounds)
-Recurring swollen lymph nodes
-Recurring tonsilitis and laryngitis
-Recurring yeast infections
-Reynaud's (sp?)

I exercise the little bit I am able. I take dietary supplements (multi-vitamin/mineral with phytos; extra A, E, iron, and calcium; Omega-3; glucosamine; Sam-E; B. longum; L. acidophilus) and eat vegetables, fruits, and whole grains while trying (often unsuccessfully)to avoid the junk food temptations my family places in my reach. I try to remember to breath deeply when my kids create stressful situations multiple times each day. I cut down on meats and dairy, and cut out caffeine (except for small amounts of chocolate) and anti-perspirant from my regime.

So far, I have managed to decrease the occurence of symptoms from Arthritis, irritable bowel, MVP, swollen nodes and yeast, and even healed from a bout of cervical dysplasia caused by the HPV. I feel I could be so much healthier if I could just figure out how to find the time, energy, willpower, and know-how to do more of what is right for my wellness. The EBV has been the biggest thing holding me back in the time and energy department. The willpower I'm still praying for. And since I started my search for help with the know-how I haven't been able to find any doctors of alternative medicine within 2 hours drive of us.

On top of all that, my 11-year-old daughter has been battling ADHD and juvenile myoclonic epilepsy for seven years.

Where do we start?
God's love and blessings

Re: unsure

Posted by
Donna E. on May 02, 2002 at 14:33:07:

In Reply to: unsure posted by Shana L on May 02, 2002 at 13:44:06:

Welcome to this place. I can tell you where I started, as I am in a situation similar to yours.

1. Make your health your absolute priority. Without your health, no one benefits - not your kids, not your husband - nobody. This is not a selfish priority and don't let anybody tell you it is.

2. Once you make the commitment to number one, you have to make the effort for a serious wellness plan. That is all outlined on this website. See the archives and the articles. I would read the articles first and then read the archives. Dr. Stoll's book will help too. Part of a wellness plan is a whole foods diet. I ordered the book that is recommended on this website and I carry it with me everywhere. You are already aware that your diet is important and this book will just help you understand what foods are good.

3. After you read everything on this website and are convinced that a wellness plan will help, but want a helping hand, I would call Walt for Health Coaching. I did and now I have a solid, easy to follow plan. Easy to follow as far as instructions, but you must have the commitment to stick to it and a real desire to get well.

4. Stick to this bulletin board. Read and respond no matter how dumb you think your response might be. There are so many smart people here that you will get feedback that is more than worth your while. Be confrontational and write what you think. That way you will get some honest responses that will really make you think about things and help you get to the core of everything that is happening to you.

This will take a lot of self education and I really hope you stick with it. You will change your life and your families lives for the better.

Re: unsure EXCELLENT summary of how to get started on wellness! Archive.

Posted by Walt Stoll on May 03, 2002 at 10:54:19:

In Reply to: Re: unsure posted by Donna E. on May 02, 2002 at 14:33:07:

Tnanks, Donna E.

Excellent summary of the attitudinal approach that has to be present!



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