Need Advice- Schizophrenic Friend

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Posted by Friend [2726.9979] on November 14, 2011 at 17:13:41:

My friend of 43 years, who has schizophrenia but refuses to take the meds, is talking about buying another gun. (Her family took away the other 2 guns that she had.) She already has it planned out where and when.

This concerns me -- IMO she has no business with a gun. If I let her family know and she finds out, she would never forgive me. I am NOT confident that they would keep it in confidence; in fact, I am rather certain that it would get back to her.

They are going through a crisis with her father's health right now, and she hasn't bought the gun yet. After she buys it, should I contact her family and let them know? Or be a "good, faithful friend" and keep my mouth shut?


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