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Posted by discouraged [252.9373] on November 23, 2011 at 14:23:19:

Last week our 9 yr old cat came down sick suddenly. She stopped eating and drinking and started breathng heavy.A week befor that she ate some plastic flowers(she is always eating something)vet did not think this had anything to do with it. She was diagnosed with a resportory problem. Was put on orbax and was not getting better. Took her back in and xrays and lab was done. Was determined inflamation of the lungs and her wbc was high(fighting a infection) so she was put on clavamox(this is the second day on this) She was also given a steroid shot.(vet said it would help if not call them back it could be something more serious) It helped for a little while. Today she is still having a hard time breathing and sometimes casping. They have no ideal what it is for sure just an infection. I feel helpless here. First vet said it could be cause she was never vaccinated with pku(I believe)that it came back on her. She is a indoor cat. I am suppose to give her clavamox twice a day they never said how far apart in hours. I have a vaporizer going. so very worried.

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