Jan, can you please help with rotation diet?

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Posted by Rick [17665.9656] on November 29, 2011 at 18:13:00:

I'm sorry to be a pest, but I'm having a hard time putting a menu together. I like the idea of going with more "exotic" foods. There are a few common foods that I know I can handle and will probably go ahead and include them.

I like the idea of having a meat and a starch at every meal. Depending on what my butcher has, the meat should be fairly easy. The seafood section at my supermarket will also add some variety. The starch is what I'm having difficulty with.

Familiar starches I know I can handle are: sweet potatoes, canned(only) english peas, and pinto beans.

Familiar starches I can't handle are: corn, white potatoes, white and brown rice, lentils, navy beans, carrots, and squash.

The list of allowable starches is short, and I don't know what to add. I plan to try yams, and I want to try amaranth and buckwheat, but I don't know if I'll be able to handle them as rice and quinoa give me problems. Do you think it would be best to avoid grains? What about tapioca? I really need some help with starches.

I currently can't eat any fresh or frozen vegetables or fruit. I'm actually nervous about trying any less common or exotic ones because I've had reactions to things that I rarely ever eat. I'm thinking I should stick with tubers and maybe some exotic grains, with the latter being in question.

Thank you Jan. I researched all this myself, but it left me with more questions.

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