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Posted by Helena [11599.10002] on December 09, 2011 at 20:27:24:

In Reply to: Re: Happy Holidays posted by samm [1003.7683] on December 09, 2011 at 09:37:19:

Your stores sound even worse than ours. Here school things
are pushed from August for a September term start, there
used not to be Halloween things but gradually theyíve
become more popular and are in the shops from the end of
September, along with Christmas things. Thereís nothing
much for New Year other than a very few cards from about
mid December and some fireworks. Valentineís things appear
early in January, St Patrickís Day isnít celebrated much but a
few hats appear in some of the card shops desperate to make
more money out of anything they can think of! Easter things
appear as soon after that as possible with Motherís Day
replacing Mothering Sunday in the middle of Lent and heavily
advertised. Hot cross buns are now for sale throughout the
year, not just on Good Friday morning. Summer things are on
sale from Easter onwards and Fatherís Day is mid June and
also heavily advertised. So yes, religious holidays, and any
other holiday they can think of, provide huge retail sales.

Iíve seen a few cards for Eid, but, mostly, Iíve only seen
things specifically for Muslim and Hindu festivals in Asian
food shops where they have various other cards, pictures and
models of Mecca etc. Last year one of my husbandís clients
sent us an Eid card from the Middle East, we were a bit
nonplussed but decided that it was quite an honour so read
what it was all about. One of the most memorable meals
weíve had was when we were invited to a taxi driverís ancient
house in the medina in Marrakesh for the evening meal
during Ramadan, not something we ever expected to be a
part of but most interesting and delicious!

Iíve often seen Hanukah cards, decorations and foods for sale
in London and Brighton but not locally, probably because our
Jewish communities are centred in the larger towns and
cities. My Jewish friends send Christmas cards to us (as do
my Muslim friends) but in return I always try to send cards
with non-religious pictures and ĎSeasonís Greetingsí inside.
The first time I heard of Hanukah was 24 years ago watching
the tv programme Ď30 Somethingí where one of the couples
were trying to decide how to celebrate both Christmas and
Hanukah for themselves and for their baby daughter. The
dilemma made quite an impression on me because I donít
remember any of the rest of the series!

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