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Posted by Sapphire [735.9998] on December 11, 2011 at 15:18:20:

In Reply to: Thank you, Roger! posted by Jan DeCourtney, CMT [17426.10003] on December 11, 2011 at 13:55:05:

Jan, I don't really like the GoodSearch, because I do a LOT of searching on the net, and for me it isn't as good as Google Search. It doesn't "remember" each search, and so there is no auto-fill/auto-complete function which I use a lot for my searches. But for most people it would be great.

How does the GoodShop work (if you are not using coupons, that is)? I order a lot from Would there be a donation to the Foundation each time I ordered anything from What do I do to make sure the Foundation gets credit for each thing I order from Amazon? I've signed up but the website doesn't explain any of this.

Also, could you post something on the main board which states the purpose of the Foundation, and what the donations are being used for? I think you'd get a lot more interest in helping the Foundation if you kept it in the forefront of people's minds what the Foundations goals are, and what you plan on doing to implement those goals, and how much it costs to implement each of those goals.


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