A little OT: Cat sick or not?

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Posted by Jan DeCourtney, CMT [17426.10003] on December 17, 2011 at 00:06:30:

Hi everybody,

Wiggles has had some digestive distress for several days. Wednesday, he vomited some thin colored liquid. That night he coughed (he has mild asthma) and during the night he was in the box several times, and he seemed agitated for a while. I changed his diet to baby food with slippery elm bark. He ate that diet Thursday and this morning, and I thought he was doing better. However this evening he pooped and it was a little smelly, then he went into the kitchen and vomited white foam (not a lot). I googled white foam and one site said it was because the cat is nauseated and the stomach is empty. So I gave him a little more baby food which he happily ate. Then about an hour later, we did our usual mealtime routine .... and he is again showing no signs of being sick. You should have seen him jumping to try to catch his mouse-on-a-string! Wow, I was impressed! Then he ate a full dinner (again baby food with slippery elm bark).

I find this confusing, because first he seems sick (digestive stuff) but he runs and plays like a totally healthy cat. Is it just a small digestive upset or should we run to the vet tomorrow? (I dislike the vet more than the cats do)


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