Lung pain

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Posted by Jo [13933.10027] on December 19, 2011 at 11:58:15:

Can a person have pneumonia with no fever? Right now I have pain mostly in my right lung. Feels like a severe bruised area, a little different from pleurisy pains. I have no cough. Some wheezing, mostly while lying down. A tiny amount of congestion, no fever that I can tell, I don't have a working thermometer. It hurts mostly when I lie down at night in bed. Feels really bad until I can't stand it anymore and go sleep in my chair. And that helps just a little. I have been taking Advil before bed to help but I got sick a few minutes after taking it last night. I think they are upsetting my stomach. I usually have some lung problems every winter. But this winter it is very painful. Thanks for any help.

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